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Rabbi & Mrs. Tuvia Teldon



The Teldons were sent by the Lubavitcher Rebbe zy’a to Long Island in 1977 to establish a Chabad presence on Long Island and help spread Judaism throughout the Long Island Jewish community.


Since then, they have been instrumental in the growth of Lubavitch on Long Island with 38 Chabad Centers around Nassau and Suffolk. Rabbi Teldon now oversees the activities of 54 Rabbis in the largest Jewish educational network on Long Island. His goal is to eventually have 100 Rabbis and their wives serving the Long Island Jewish community, beH.


Rabbi Teldon received his Rabbinical Ordination from the Central Lubavitch Yeshiva in Brooklyn. In addition to his many responsibilities as Regional Director of Chabad, he also is the host of the weekly Long Island-wide Cablevision talk show ‘The Jewish Spotlight’, and writes and speaks throughout the area. As one of the senior Rabbis on the Island, and one of the first Chabad representatives in the NYC Metro area, he is considered to have a thorough knowledge of the heartbeat of the overall Jewish community on religious, domestic, and Middle East issues, as well as matters pertaining to Chabad and Jewish spirituality.


Mrs. Teldon has been an instrumental part of the growth of Chabad in the area throughout the years and was a co-founder and Program Director of the Chabad Center in Commack. She was also the Headmaster of The Jewish Academy in Commack for 14 years, and now serves as Director of Major Events for Chabad of LI. In addition, she has spoken across the USA (over 30 states, as well as in Australia, England, Ireland, South America, and Israel), and is an educational consultant for the Consortium of Jewish Day Schools. Due to her dynamic personality, she was selected by The Oprah Show to represent Chasidic women for a “America's Hidden Culture” special that Oprah personally oversaw. Her goal is to invite every Jew on Long Island to the Teldon Shabbat table.


The Teldons are now working together to create the LI Shabbat Retreat Center. They live in Commack and have five children and a growing circle of grandchildren.

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