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Long Island's Chabad Rabbis gather for annual local conference

On Sunday 3 Menachem Av the Chabad rabbis of Long Island held their annual convention in Brookville, NY at the beautiful Chabad House of Rabbi and Mrs. Mendy Heber. The theme of the day was "Taking Our Shlichus to the Next Level". Over 40 Rabbis attended and participated in sessions led by Rabbi Zalman Loewenthal of CKids, Rabbi Chaim Landa of PR office, and Mr. Bentzion Janshvili of GraphicIQ concerning branding. In addition, there was a roundtable discussion led by Rabbi Levi Gurkov about ways that the Rabbis could help each other. The topics ranged from finding a good accountant to organizing a Chabad Rabbinical Network of Long Island.

The Dinner, which was attended by the Rebbetzins as well, was MCed by Rabbi Aizik Baumgarten of Montauk. After showing Living Torah Rabbi Mendy Heber welcomed everybody and made a siyum for the Nine Days, Rabbi Mendel Paltiel was introduced as the newest 'shliach' on the Island, Rabbi Yaakov Yosef Raskin gave the Dvar Torah, and Mr. Michael Klipper represented the lay leadership of the Brookville Chabad Center, sharing stories of how the Rebbe and his 'shluchim' have changed his life. In addition, Rabbi Shmuel Butman spoke on behalf of the Vaad of Tzach, who were all in attendance. Rabbi Tuvia Teldon, Head Shliach and host of the Conference, spoke about the self-sacrifice of the Chabad Rabbis all over the world.

The keynote speaker was Rabbi Efraim Mintz, who mesmerized the audience with his explanation of a personal comment the Rebbe made 36 years ago to author Chaim Potok. After dinner Rabbi Mintz continued with a farbrengen. Many of the shluchim said it was the best Long Island Retreat they have attended, and many resolutions were made for the coming year.

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